IDSA Initiative, Teaching Design to K-12
In the fall of 2010, the Industrial Designers Society of American (IDSA) launched into new territory with a dedicated Web page focused on design integration entitled Teaching Design to K-12. The goal, to create a community interested in integrating design in K-12.

Design is to Doing as Learning is to Thinking  
As a member of Victor Papanek’s master class at the Kansas City Art Institute and School of Design in 1979–1981, Doris had the great fortune to learn directly from his insightful vision, which in turn has profoundly influenced her career as a designer.

Victor Papanek Going Forward
  Serving as primary research leading up to the IDSA initiatives, Walter Hargrove and Doris Wells-Papanek collaborated on the Victor Papanek Going Forward © (VPGF) Action Research Pilot Study targeted at developing a human-centered and student-directed learning pedagogy.

The School at Columbia University Design Thinking and Learning Skills Survey As lessons learned with the first Tools at Schools project, this evaluation is intended to capture the thoughts of educators associated with the design thinking and learning project to better frame next year's endeavors.

Da Vinci Design School
  Students enrolled in the Da Vinci Design School are preparing for college and 21st century careers in advertising, architecture, digital media, industrial design, product design, user experience design and other jobs that call for skills in art, science and technology.

Charter High School for Architecture and Design
  CHAD was launched in 1999 in collaboration with local educators as part of AIA Philadelphia’s Legacy 2000 Project. CHAD’s mission is to educate the urban at-risk students and use architecture and design instruction to achieve that goal.

Design Learning Challenge
 The purpose of the Design Learning Challenge is to gain insight into the hearts and minds of college design students today. The goal is to gather feedback and input on recent learning experiences to serve as fodder for two design high schools as they refine their curriculum models.

NOCCA Design Day
  The purpose of the NOCCA Design Day Event is to invite IDSA conference participants to assist in a problem solving exercise with 60 freshman high school students. The goal, to kick-off a series of projects in which students will take an active role in the design of their learning spaces.