Feedback from Students

"I just wanted to let you know that the advice you gave me has stuck with me permanently. Every interview I go to I consciously think about the words of wisdom you shared with me and I believe it's really helping."

"I enjoyed showing you my portfolio again this year, and really appreciated that you remembered me from last year. It was nice to see that the changes I made were noticed. I was glad we were able to talk afterwards. Your feedback on both my portfolio and methods were greatly welcomed. I don't always get a chance to sit down with someone and talk about design like that, so I appreciated the conversation we had. I plan to change and add to my portfolio after all of the great constructive criticism from Friday. Maybe when I finish it, I can send you an updated version for some more feedback. I am always looking for quality feedback."

"Thank you for the opportunity to express my passion and interest to you. I greatly appreciate the feedback as well as your time that you put forth in discussing my portfolio. I was pleased to receive feedback from a researcher’s perspective. I found that our time was extremely helpful and encouraging, and left me with a growing interest to explore my passions. Speaking to you personally, allowed me to see that there are no limits in design. And I was able to share with someone with the same passion and interest. As a sophomore, this opportunity was not only a pleasant experience, but it truly became my stepping-stone to improve and develop my ideas, sketching, organization and presentation. With enthusiasm, I will continue to strive forth to my best capabilities and hope to grow as a designer."

"I really appreciated your feedback and enjoyed hearing what you had to say. Our conversation made me think more deeply about how I break down and interpret information. Thanks so much for your time!"

"I just wanted to thank you for the great conversation we had last Thursday. I really appreciate all the advice you gave me, especially with the "brain-dump" concept, how I should narrow down my goals and establish a direction to walk to fulfill my goals. I also wanted to thank you for your encouraging words during my portfolio review. I faced some harsh (albeit, helpful) criticism from a decidedly unprofessional representative from another company. That interview really rattled my nerves (it was my first job fair and interviewing experience), and your encouragement and overall good nature lifted my mood a great deal. I would say that my encounter with you allowed me to leave Job Fair on a very positive note. I hope to correspond with you again in the future, to talk about action research and other topics."