The STARS Program Evaluation Study is an ongoing internal assessment of grant accountability as reported to the state of Illinois.

STARS is a “Life Coaching” program designed to help students create a Life Plan for Success. STARS offers Waukegan Public School District students in grades 2-12 afterschool learning opportunities. Program activities include life skills, career- and college-readiness, academic assistance, as well as enrichment offerings such as art, fitness, digital media, and music. The purpose of the STARS Program is to inspire students to graduate from high school with a plan in hand. 

STARS Life Skills Curriculum  The primary purpose of the STARS Program is to offer students in grades 2-12 “Life Coaching” learning experiences. 

The overarching goal is for each student to graduate from high school with a Life Plan for Success. In this project we are using a team approach to identify fundamental elements students must know and be able to do at each stage of the developmental process. The goal is to generate a life skills curriculum framework intended to inspire students to make good choices throughout their elementary, middle school, and high school learning experiences.

The Partners in Evaluation Study is an ongoing investigation of the partnership model between National Louis University and the Skokie School District.

A significant part of this partnership is their use of action research in teacher evaluation. Early conversations with school leaders have indicated many teachers are excited about action research, but many also have difficulty with using data from their projects to inform teaching and learning decisions. This has many implications, significantly about the training of teachers in the skills and use of action research. Teachers need contextually-based practice in the collection, analysis and use of data.

The APEX, Friend or Foe? Study is an ongoing effort designed to explore student-directed assessment within Waukegan's alternative high school, known as AOEC.

The Alternative/Optional Educational Center (AOEC) is a self-paced, computer-assisted and student-centered program with the goal to get students back on track to their correct grade level and to graduate. This academic recovery study is designed to investigate the intersection between computer-driven and student-driven assessment. This investigation is grounded in Marzano’s research regarding students tracking their own progress (2009) where he found a 32 percentile gain in achievement.